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Kings Game 2011

Well that was silly. We managed to get there safely after almost two hours on those ultra comfortable vehicles we call school buses. Be that as it may, the monkeys were good. Most of us had a good time. Those who didn’t were the Kings fans who got all sad and upset - well... irate - at the bogus call of a “good goal” for Phoenix when the Coyote player knocked it in with a high stick. So high that his stick grazed the ceiling of the Staples Center when he hit it. Harumph.
But we did get our name on the scoreboard. And the children were all featured on the big screen as well as the Staples camera guy came up and videotaped them with their silly mustaches. See the pictures in the picture section soon. So, overall good time. ;)

Kings Game Update

We will leave at 4 PM from the front parking lot. The club is paying for the tickets and transportation. You have to take care of your own dinner.

Star Party Girl Scouts - Temeku Hills

Thanks to everyone who came out. It was a great party. Thanks to Mr Croulet, who, as usual, came through for us. And thanks to the Girl Scouts who were very well behaved and respectful. It was not the most clear night but we did get to see Jupiter, The Nebula, the Moon, and an amazing Iridium flare. And it was good seeing #5 again after so long. ;)
Pictures soon. :)

Kings Game 2011

OK. This year we will probably go to a hockey game. This year we will probably go see the Kings v Phoenix on 20 January 2011. It is a Thursday which stinks because it is a school night, but is good because we can save a ZAMBONILOAD of money because it is an education discount sort of night. If you want to go, sign up in the Clubhouse asap. OK? (Sorry, Ducks fans, no Ducks games on the discount nights.)

Star Parties Update for 2010/2011

Location: Cole Canyon Elementary (map HERE)
TIme: TBA, Wednesday, 16 February
THINGS TO BRING: Yourself, properly dressed, and good attitude. Remember we are there to serve them!