FirstLight Astronomy Club

33°29.6'N / 117°06.8'W / 1190 ft.

Below are the links to the picture galleries of who we are and what we have done over the years and includes lots o' pictures of clubsters, from way back in the Days of Yore to present. We are currently in rebuilding stage of the club. Be patient.
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Prepared to be scared by our present gaggle of goofballs. Alumni clubsters are here.
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Our effort to serve our community.
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Past & Present. Wear a seatbelt - and a bib.
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Fundraising, Softball Games, Hockey Games, Rocket Launches, Ice Skating... oh yeah, we be having some fun.
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Our pictures o' Paradise.
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Our favoritest telescope in the world, just down the street, and up a hill, and around some hairpin turns, and...
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Something relatively new for us. Here are a couple pix of our Nov '09 trip there, with a Universal City Walk as a follow up.
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No science here; just a fun night out. Here you will find the 2010 trip to Staples Center to see the Kings/Ducks game on 14 January. Old games are under MISC.